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CUISINE: Fresh, local, organic guest-defined menus

Meals are prepared with an emphasis on local, organic ingredients; greens and herbs are cultivated in Kanopi’s own mountain garden. Menus place the focus on traditional Jamaican dishes—callaloo, green bananas, ackee, breadfruit, yam, wild cocoa, sweet potato, grilled and curried seafood and meats. Tailored to suit any preference – vegan or vegetarian, meat lovers, low carb or with a special focus on local specialties – the menu is entirely guests’ choice. Dinners are arranged indoors in the Great House or outdoors on a pink limestone terrace carved into the hillside beneath the rainforest canopy, with a chef tending to fresh caught yellowtail snapper, lobster, fresh water crayfish, chicken or beef on the open grill. Bespoke picnics are available on request for any excursion—from day tours around the coast, trips to nearby beaches, or just across the lagoon on deserted Monkey Island.

Spirits: Fully stocked with premium lagers and liquors, the bar at the Great House also features a bespoke selection of internationally acclaimed Jamaican rums, as smooth, fine and flavorful as the world’s best cognacs. Wine: World travelers and wine aficionados, the owner’s cellar offers an interesting and international range of vintages. The wine list can be tailored on request and guests are encouraged to make any particular preferences known upon booking.

Port Antonio offers a number of dining options, high style or low key, for guests looking for a night out in the tropics. Kanopi’s staff is happy to suggest and arrange bookings at local restaurants — or to simply escort you to the best local BBQ shack for a casual and delicious grilled lunch or dinner.

Call 1 (876) 632 3213 or email

If calling from:
US: (305) 677 6525
UK: 0203 318 1191 (London)
Canada: (416) 800 9157

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