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WELCOME: Kanopi House, Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

A tropical jungle of vine-drenched, 100-foot Banyan trees; soaring chartreuse bamboo and flowering magenta ginger lily descending into a secluded, white sand cove.

Where an elegant, earth conscious oasis of chic-ly appointed, ‘tree houses’ is linked by a winding pathway sliced through a sun dappled rainforest overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

A private shoreline that wraps around a blue lagoon, ringed by an untouched corral reef; purple manta rays gliding through clouds of colorful fish in a warm turquoise sea, glazed in a layer of cool from the mountain stream that flows into, and over, it.

Welcome to Kanopi House.

WHERE: Coast of the Cognoscenti
Set in Portland, one of Jamaica’s most luscious parishes; this private, six-acre retreat is found just outside charming Port Antonio, the seaside town that anchors the ‘Jamaican Riviera’. A tropical paradise of crystal waters, postcard beaches, lagoons and verdant greenery. Jamaica’s North East coast has, for decades, been home to the island’s beau monde while drawing the more sophisticated, international traveler. Long admired among the cognoscenti; Noel Coward, Ian Flemming, and Errol Flynn are among the many stylish expats who have kept homes along this dazzling shoreline. One that’s legendary beauty and untouched interior terrain has seen it selected as the backdrop for numerous films including Cocktail and Club Paradise.

CONCEPT & DESIGN: Low Impact Luxury
Eco-friendly, low impact, organic, green and NEPA approved: Kanopi House treads gently upon the earth. The property’s limited ‘footprint’ rendered in a ‘grey water’ system, processed along a lined reed bed, and the use of sustainable, regionally sourced hardwoods.

Furnishings, designed and handcrafted by area artisans, are produced from renewable Jamaican materials: windows cased in cedar shutters, floors laid in Spanish Elm and Sweet Wood, stone quarried locally.

Caring for the environment as well as the community, Kanopi House artwork and décor accents are designed and sourced locally. From laundry hampers and wastebaskets woven from Jamaican banana leaf, to tableware, linens, planters and lampshades - each piece is handcrafted by the island’s skilled tradesmen and produced in the traditional island manner.

No trees were felled in the layout of Kanopi House; buildings were adjusted to accommodate the natural landscape; in some cases, trees simply go through the roof. A Guango tree a neighbor had chopped down and was poised to burn, refashioned as a series of organic, rough-hewn dining and coffee tables.

Kanopi House was conceived and designed by the Hew Family, current proprietors of Kamalame Cay, a private island resort in the Bahamas. Born and raised in Jamaica where the families go back six generations, the Hews were married in the late 70s, and have two grown children, David and Kimberly, who are also involved in the hospitality business.

As native Jamaicans, the family’s inherent feel for tropical design and lifestyle makes for unique and luxurious havens. Bringing their signature approach to island living—a blend of native charm and gracious design combined with a laid-back atmosphere and gourmet cuisine—to their second secluded retreat, the Hews thoughtfully designed Kanopi House as an environmentally friendly hideaway.

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