With our abundance of activities and day-stealing daybeds, Kanopi House gives our guests little reason to leave our grounds. That said, we’re surrounded by the most breath-taking landscape, including waterfalls, mountains made for biking tours, raft-able rivers, hot springs, nesting birds galore, under-the-sea quests…and rum shops.

“Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?” ~Alice in Wonderland

And so…your Kanopi House adventure begins. After tea, or a fresh cup of Blue Mountain coffee, of course.

Let us coordinate the most wickedly chic, bespoke excursions for you.

Kanopi House guests have been known to crave an unforgettable, off the beaten path experience. That’s why we have curated a variety of authentic excursions to add a thrill, or three, to your Kanopi House stay. If one piques your interest, simply ask us about options and pricing.

What are you waiting for?

“On Site Activities are a
Playground in Paradise!”


If you’ve always dreamt of a Robinson Crusoe getaway, we’re here for you. Kanopi House is far enough off the beaten path to feel like a private-island paradise, but just a Jeep ride away from excursions that will refill your inspiration levels and get your heart racing again.

On property, lagoon lounging is the loveliest way to while away the day, either snorkelling the reef, kayaking through turquoise waters, or swimming out to Monkey Island. Entire afternoons are lost on swoon-worthy daybeds waiting in the open-air Living Room, accessorized with a curated library of art, culture, food and design books, and international magazines – with some delicious beach reads thrown in for good measure – and never-ending ocean views. As always, an attendant is always on hand to serve up snacks, cocktails, and any other request you may crave.

Monkey Island al fresco/picnic on the beach

We’ll sail you to the shallow stretch of water surrounding the private island lovingly named for, well, another island that once had a rampant colony of charming little monkeys. Choose to snorkel the rest of the way or wade through the low tide to the shaded beach, where an al fresco feast awaits.

Don’t forget your water shoes, as the sea bed is dotted with urchins. We also recommend a GoPro so you don’t miss the rainbow of creatures swimming beneath the surface.

Kanopi House picnic baskets are filled with your choice of beverages and provisions.

Lagoon Boat Tour

Enjoy a leisurely hour-long look at the waters surrounding Kanopi House. They’re breathtaking. Ice-cold beverages included.

Rafting Down the Rio Grande

Errol Flynn and his friends used to regularly enjoy this trek, and so do our guests. Imagine the serenity of floating down river for hours past waterfalls and riverbank villas, through lush rainforests and working farmland, on a thirty-foot raft steered by one of our favourite local captains. We’ll send you off with provisions, but save room for lunch at Miss Belinda’s famed riverside eatery. You’re going to love her and the magic she creates on a plate.

Reach Falls Expeditions

Life’s short. Jump off a waterfall. Share a kiss in the natural caves below. Or bring out your inner Tarzan or Jane as you swing from the hanging vines into the cascading crystal blue waters below.

For those looking for a polished dip, head uphill to the official stop at Reach Falls. Jump on into the cool springs and play with the whole family. This is a great spot to bring the kids as safety is paramount. With lifeguards on duty, you can be sure this is a perfect space to while the day away.

For those looking for a more “off-the-beaten-path” experience, head over to Robert’s Reach. Here, you’ll hike down to the lower part of the falls – a more secretive, secluded space. Sans all the official accoutrements of the upper falls, here, you’re truly on your own. Finish the adventure with a local lunch organized by our charming Aston.

Rafting on Blue Lagoon

Don’t tell anyone, but our Blue Lagoon is not always blue. Sometimes it’s emerald green, and then it turns turquoise just before it shifts to indigo. We can show you all the colours if you’d like through a slow-paced, close-up tour on a bamboo raft fit for two.

Here Comes the Sun

Early birds and those who believe in the power of a Jamaican sunrise are invited along on a sunrise boat tour with our very own Boxer. We highly recommend this outing at least once during your stay with us. We also highly recommend taking in the sunrise with a mimosa.

Explore Port Antonio

Guests are escorted into the town of Port Antonio for a true Jamaican afternoon. Stroll through the shops, don’t miss the market, pick up souvenirs at the craft village, and spend some time enjoying freshly made local dishes and beverages.

Rum Shop Tour

Here in Jamaica, we know a thing or two about rum. And after a few pop-ins to our favourite local rum shops, you will, too. Three intoxicating hours of sipping and rum-schooling, where you’ll become a know-it-all on all Jamaica’s characters in the world of rum while also getting to know a thing or two about all the different ways you can dress up, or down, your rum of choice.

Dining on the Lagoon Deck

Breakfast and dinner is served. And it’s done so with the perfect overlook to the rainforest and the lagoon. Don’t be surprised if a little bird asks for a sip of your drink. Menus are locally sourced and change daily, so please be sure to check with us if you’ve any dietary restrictions or preferences.

Scuba Diving with Lady G’Diver

No matter your diving experience, this drift dive operation has something just for you, from deep dives, photography dives, and other specialty dives. Dive sites average from 30 feet to 110 feet with visible drop-offs of over 300 feet. Oh, did your heart just skip a beat? Ours, too.

We recommend booking your dive before you visit us at Kanopi House, but we’ll help you coordinate transportation to and from Lady G’Divers.

* Just a little disclaimer: Many of our excursions and activities require a minimum of 24-hour notice, so please be sure to check with your travel concierge at the time of booking to help plan your excursions before you arrive!