Savour our home-away-from-home cooking right in the heart of our Living Room. Rooted in traditional Jamaican flavours and dishes, our lovingly-named Living Room restaurant relies on seasonal sourced ingredients from local farms to bring you a truly Jamaican dining experience.  

Cuisine at The Living Room

Well-loved local dishes make up our daily menus, like callaloo, ackee, green bananas, grilled and curried seafood and meats, breadfruit, sweet potato, and wild cocoa. Tailored to your taste buds and dietary needs – vegan or vegetarian, low carb, mild or dangerously spicy – our chef is thrilled to introduce you to fresh, new-favourite cravings.

Our Living Room restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you start your day off with a simple bite with a lingering cup of coffee or tea with a view of the Lagoon below or are looking to pack a delectable lunch before you set-off on the day’s adventure, our chef will woo your tastebuds beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Dinner brings about the Romantic in all of us, with perfectly seasoned entrees, local cocktails and candlelit alfresco dining – you’re sure to linger at your table long past bedtime. 

Off-site Dining & Nightlife

If you’re in the mood to experience what Port Antonio has to offer, there are many great options for off-site dining. Portland is known for it’s flair for traditional Jamaican dishes. From jerk chicken and breadfruit to ackee and saltfish, you can be sure to get your fill at a number of local spots nearby. 

Our on-site staff will make recommendations based on your personal preferences and daily cravings. In Jamaica, we’re proud of our culture, dining and experiences so be sure to soak in as much as you can while you’re in the area. 


The Bar

After a long day in the sun or even a lazy day by the lagoon, Jamaican afternoons seem to almost hand you a cool rum cocktail or chilled bottle of Red Stripe. At Kanopi House, we ensure you never miss an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm kiss of Jamaica’s transition from day to night. 

Nestled alongside The Living Room, The Bar will keep you hydrated, whether you’re craving a boozy rum concoction, a zingy freshly-squeezed fruit juice, ice-cold Red Stripe beer, or a flute of perfectly chilled bubbles. Because, you’re on vacation.